Change of Name

Anyone in the UK is entitled to change their name, or the name of their child, without giving any reason. Your name can be changed multiple times, and you can choose (within reason) any alternative new name that you want.

When you are managing your reputation, considering whether you should change your name is an important part of the overall picture.

Some people may consider changing their name to be a last resort, but there can be many reasons why someone who is actively managing their reputation might consider changing their name, for example:

  • Internet search engines refuse to block unwanted and damaging material from a search of your name;
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office has decided not to allow you to appeal the search engine’s refusal of your application for the right to be forgotten;
  • You do not have the funds to seek an injunction against the publishers of the unwanted materials;
  • The publisher of the unwanted or untrue material about you is located in a different legal jurisdiction, making it very difficult and expensive to bring a claim against them;
  • You feel that your reputation is so badly damaged that even if you get material removed from publication, it will still remain in peoples' memory.

Changing your name is a relatively straightforward process. If you decide that you would like us to help you, we will be able to carry out this work for a low fixed fee, so you are aware from the outset of the total you will be charged.

Our expert solicitors can help you prepare the application and the necessary supporting documents, and ensure that your new name is registered properly. The process is relatively quick and can have life-changing consequences.

If you are considering changing your name, or the name of your child, contact us today for a free initial conversation about how we can help.