Meet Our Team

Your right to be forgotten application, or your appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office, will be overseen by a team of professionals at Samuels Solicitors LLP, comprising partner Judith Thompson, who is assisted by solicitor Matthew Howe and paralegal Carlyn Gough.

Judith is a partner in the firm of Samuels Solicitors LLP. She is a senior litigator and dispute resolution solicitor, with many years’ experience handling right to be forgotten applications, alongside other types of reputation management cases, including libel and slander cases and breach of privacy matters. Judith oversees the reputation management work at Samuels Solicitors LLP. Judith is friendly and approachable with clients, and deals with applications for the right to be forgotten and appeals to the Information Commissioner’s Office, with efficiency and professionalism.

Matt is a qualified solicitor who undertook his professional training with Samuels Solicitors LLP and is a valued member of the team. Matt has drafted and submitted a great number of right to be forgotten applications and appeals to the ICO. Matt is exceptionally well organised and responsive to clients, and very much enjoys assisting clients tidy up their online profiles. Matt can also assist with breach of privacy, slander and libel matters.

Carlyn is an extremely experienced litigation secretary who has been personal assistant to Judith for many years. Carlyn handles the administrative side of right to be forgotten applications and appeals, ensuring that all of the necessary information and documentation is submitted in the correct way, managing files efficiently, and liaising with clients and colleagues dealing with reputation management matters. If you are unable to speak to one of the solicitors in the team, Carlyn will be able to help.

All of the individuals who deal with right to be forgotten applications and appeals to the Information Commissioner’s Office, are professional, discreet, and extremely efficient. We will not baffle you with legal terminology, but will deal with your case in a straightforward, cost effective and professional manner. The team has a great reputation for right to be forgotten work, going back many years.

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