How much does it cost to make an application for the right to be forgotten?

When you think about instructing a solicitor for the first time, you might feel rather daunted, and worry about how much it will cost. We appreciate that instructing solicitors can be rather expensive, but we will provide you with the best service possible, without breaking the bank. Our solicitors are experienced and have a high success rate in making right to be forgotten applications for clients, and getting search results delisted.

The cost of your right to be forgotten application will be agreed with you at the outset, so you know what to expect. Each matter is different and costs can vary depending on the complexity of the matter, but the following is a general guideline based on the number of search results you want delisted:

  • 1 URL - £500 + VAT
  • 2 URLs - £600 + VAT
  • 3 URLs - £700 + VAT
  • 4 or more URLs - £800 to £950 plus VAT

The scope of applications is limited by the search engines. For example, Google limits the space in which you can make out your case to just 1000 characters. We therefore recommend that no more than 4 URLs are included in any one application.

If there are more than 4 URLs that you want to block from a search of your name, we can discuss the process with you, which will involve two stages. The first, is to block the first four URLs, and will be subject to a fixed fee in the range set out above. The second is a further application, which would be subject to a further fee, which again we would agree with you in advance.

The costs set out above are on the basis of making an application made to a single search engine operator. If you want applications made to multiple search engines, (the main ones being Google, Bing and Yahoo) this means that further costs would be incurred, which would be agreed with you in advance.

If your application for the right to be forgotten fails, you have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). [Link to the appeal page]. We can prepare the appeal for you, which is generally more complex than the underlying application for the right to be forgotten. The cost of an appeal to the ICO is different in every case but will be agreed with you in advance, so there are no nasty surprises later on.

What should I do next?

If you want to make an application for the right to be forgotten to an internet search engine, or if you have already made an application which has been rejected, and want to appeal that decision to the ICO, then we can help.

Contact us to have a discussion with a solicitor about how we can help.