Reputation management by removing content from internet searches

Matthew Howe  26-08-2021

“Reputation management” simply means the process of searching for and taking steps to remove or amend any content which adversely affects your reputation.  

It is commonly accepted that once something has been published on the internet, it could be there forever. Even if something is only published very briefly before being deleted, it only takes one person to take a screenshot and republish it, meaning that the tweet, post or video is there forever. Managing your reputation online is therefore a new but vitally important phenomenon, as having a poor online reputation can severely affect your prospects of employment, or promotion.

We often speak with prospective clients who are being haunted by outdated online content. Perhaps they received a conviction when they were younger and have since lived a blameless life. Unfortunately, because their conviction was reported on by their local online news site, any search for their name immediately brings up details about their conviction. This can have severe adverse effects on both their personal and professional life.

In this day and age, it is very common for potential employers to search for any information which may be available about an applicant online before hiring them, even if they have got a great CV and have done very well at interview. If the first search result they find is about an old conviction or disciplinary investigation for example, then it is unsurprising that many employers would be reluctant to offer that applicant the position. Even if that search result is over 10 years old, most employers are reluctant to go any further with that applicant.

Luckily, there is a solution by applying to the internet search engines, to have such content delisted from search results of your name. This doesn’t remove the original publication, but it means that when your name is searched, that search result doesn’t appear. This is known as the right to be forgotten.

Reputation management is crucial in ensuring that outdated and irrelevant content isn’t adversely affecting you in your personal or professional life.

Our solicitors are experienced and can have an application for the right to be forgotten submitted to an internet search engines, within two or three days of being instructed by a client.

The process is quick, relatively cheap, and can be extremely effective in assisting with your online reputation management issues. Contact us today to find out how our experienced solicitors can help you.

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