Examples of successful Right to be Forgotten applications

Matthew Howe  04-08-2021

Right to be forgotten applications can be submitted to search engines where the information contained in the unwanted search result is irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate. We have made successful applications to Google and other search engines for many clients, for many different reasons, over the years.

Examples of successful right to be forgotten applications we have made in recent years are as follows:

  • An application by an ex youth politician who was acquitted of a sexually related crime, but information still appeared about him in local newspaper reports dating back 10 years.
  • An application by the CEO of a national company which had been involved in a national scandal, in which he had been implicated.
  • An application by a senior officer of a company who had been accused of fraudulent activity in various newspaper reports, but never convicted.
  • An application by a client who had been convicted of indecent assault and served time in prison, and his conviction was spent, but unwanted information still appeared online about him.
  • An application by a director of a successful company who had untrue allegations about him published online, which were out of time for him to pursue in the defamation court.
  • An application by a client whose father committed sexually related crimes and details of the crime appeared in a search of their name.
  • An application by a client who had been disciplined by a political party many years previously, but reports about the incident still appeared online.
  • An application by an individual who had been cautioned for a minor crime at university, reports about which were affecting his ability to properly start his career.
  • An application by an individual who had been stalked by someone, and personal details about the victim appeared in news reports about the case.

In each of these cases, which is a small selection of the successful applications we have made for the right to be forgotten, the unwanted material was block from a search of our client’s name.

If you have a situation similar to any of the examples above, or if there are other reasons why you wish to tidy up your online profile, get in contact today to see how we can help.

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